Operating Instructions

Create operating instructions quickly and easily.


Operating Instructions

Operating instructions are an important part of your company's safety. The creation of these documents is not infrequently required by law and, depending on the type of operating instruction, requires various specifications. To ensure a legally compliant design of the operating instructions, you enter the required information in ready-made input masks. Data for hazardous substances or plants that are already stored in the system are automatically implemented in your template.

With the help of the created operating instructions, you can ensure safe handling of work equipment, hazardous substances or biological agents at the workplace and reduce hazards.

Work equipments

Create operating instructions for one or more pieces of work equipment.

Hazardous substances

Create operating instructions for one or more hazardous materials.

User friendliness

Create an operating instruction directly from an activity evaluation and save re-entering your data.


Print your operating instructions directly from the software.