Hazardous Substances

Create and manage hazardous substances.


Hazardous Substances

If you use hazardous substances in your company, you are legally obliged to protect your employees from potential health hazards when handling hazardous substances. Include all hazardous substances in your substance database and manage them centrally via your hazardous substance register. You can assign the corresponding safety data sheets directly to the respective substances.

Create a legally required risk assessment for every activity involving a hazardous substance. The resulting measures are displayed clearly and centrally in your measures management. You can create risk assessments individually or according to the BAuA's Simple Measures Concept for Hazardous Substances (EMKG). The EMKG enables you to find out the protective measures to be selected in the shortest possible time.

Hazardous substances

Easily maintain a hazardous substance cadastral and store hazardous substance information.


Automatically create assessments for all activities involving hazardous substances in your company.


See all measures resulting from activity evaluations at a glance.


Benefit from a wide range of options to customize cadastres and forms.